OOCSS Slides and More From the jQuery Pgh Meetup

I hope everyone who attended last night’s jBurgh meetup had as much fun as I did, and enjoyed my talk on OOCSS. I thought it was a great low-key event, and I have to say that the discussion after the presentation and hanging around talking to everyone were the best parts.

My slides are up on slideshare, and if you were at the meetup, I’d really appreciate your taking a minute to rate my talk, and (especially!) leave a comment about how it could be improved.

If you’re interested in getting more background on OOCSS, I encourage you to check out Nicole’s slides and video. I’ve also written a few articles that dig deeper into some of the concepts in last night’s talk, such as OOCSS inheritance, why .css() is bad, and OOCSS Antipatterns:

You can also check out the digital clock demo, including these other versions:

  • Analog – remember this is an antipattern (see above), no matter how cool it seems!
  • JQCon explode – we did this mod live onstage at JQCon
  • Daniel Lamb’s binary clock mod – he points directly to my JS view controller (view source to check it out), and just modded the HTML and CSS. Now that’s separation of concerns FTW.

For more deep diving along with some excellent code examples and comment discussion, I also recommend reading John Hann’s post on OOCSS for Engineers.

At the end of the presentation, I mentioned that I’m working on OOCSS design patterns for web applications. My plan is to post more information soon about the ones mentioned in the slides (with example code), as well as others, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Chris Bannon and Wijmo for organizing and sponsoring, to HackPittsburgh for lending us their space, and to everyone who attended! I had a blast, and I’m already looking forward to the next meetup.