OOCSS for Javascript Pirates at JQCon 2010

I had a lot of fun presenting OOCSS for Javascript Pirates with John Hann at JQCon 2010 in Boston this past weekend.  I came away feeling like the talk was very well received, and that people felt it was helpful.   The slides and the digital clock, including the jqcon-explode mod that we coded live during the talk are all up, as is Daniel Lamb’s binary clock mod.

If you want to read even more about OOCSS, you can also check out a few of our blog posts on the subject:

One of my favorite things about the conference was, as Paul Elliot (@p_elliott) put it, the hallway track.  I got to meet and talk with so many cool people between the sessions.  John and I both had quite a few people tell us (in addition to a few good pirate jokes) that they had been thinking and doing some of the things from our talk, and they were glad to hear that other people were thinking many of the same things as validation that these techniques work.  Hearing that was good validation for us as well.

I really appreciate all the feedback so far on the presentation, and on the digital clock as well, on which I have received many compliments.  Thanks, everyone!  If you haven’t already rated our talk, John and I both would really appreciate your feedback over at SpeakerRate

I also have to say that overall, the conference showed how much energy there is in not only the jQuery community and the larger Javascript community, but also in front-end engineering as a whole.  It’s a great time to be a front-end engineer.

Thanks to the jQuery team and the conference organizers for putting together and running an excellent conference.  I had a blast.  Nice job all around.