While I wait for my free bumper from Apple, I decided to give Gelaskins a try.  So, here’s a quick pic of my iPhone, gelaskinned up with Smoggy Air, which I think looks pretty spiffy.  It was very easy to apply–just clean the surface with a microfiber cloth of some sort (the one I used came with a pair of sunglasses I bought last year), carefully line up the camera, volume, and vibrate cutouts, then stick it in place and smooth it out.


It also does seem to solve the antenna death grip problem for me.  I definitely noticed a drop in signal without it, usually from 3 bars to 1 at my house, and with the gelaskin applied, it stays at 3 bars no matter how I hold it.  All in all, I’m very happy with it, and while $15 might be just a tad high, it’s certainly more reasonable than the ridiculous prices of some of the “real” cases out there.