Dojo Widgets Quick Start

I used dojo from the days of 0.4 up through 1.1 on a large and complex project, and it was great. I hadn’t touched it in about a year or so, until a couple weeks ago. Now, I have two client projects where I’m using dojo 1.4, and I’ve needed to do some prototyping, so I figured I’d see how quickly I could get a few things up and running using a few dojo widgets out-of-the-box.

I was quickly reminded of a few of the gotchas you’ll encounter when trying to get started with dojo widgets, so I figured I’d write up a simple quickstart guide, in hopes of saving someone else a few minutes (or hours) of frustration.

Here’s a gist with the little things you need to do to get started with declarative style widgets.

Hope that helps you get started using dojo widgets. So far, using dojo widgets for rapid prototyping has been a win, although it has still require writing some custom code (including custom widgets). I’ll report more on the experience soon.