Dojo Autocomplete for TextMate

One of the biggest complaints I hear about TextMate is that it doesn’t have some sort of native intellisense, and doesn’t do code completion.  Those are typically features provided by “bigger” IDEs.  TextMate started life as a text editor, and has had different goals than other IDEs, so even though TextMate has grown closer to full-blown IDE over the past few years (thanks to lots of great community bundle contributions), it’s not really hard to understand why it hasn’t provide those features natively.

It turns out, though, that TextMate provides some builtin help for rolling your own completions, and a lot of folks have done that for various languages and platforms.  I decided to take a crack at it for Dojo as a part of a new, simplified Dojo bundle I’ve been working on.  Here are a couple teaser screenshots of what I have so far.

I’m not ready to post the bundle yet, but I’m actively working on it, so I hope to have an initial version ready within the next couple of weeks.