A Week With the Magic Mouse

Recently, Pasha chomped my Revolution MX.  Of course, the one thing she damaged was the mouse’s best feature, the free-spin scroll wheel.  So, I decided to try a Magic Mouse as a replacement.  Here are a few impressions after a week.
The good:
  • The tracking seems very accurate, and the pointer motion is the smoothest I’ve seen in a bluetooth mouse.  The mouse glides easily on most relatively smooth surfaces.
  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling, with momentum is nothing short of pure awesome.
  • The click has a crisp, intentional feel, and right-clicking works well (I never had a problem with right-clicking on the Mighty Mouse either, so YMMV!)
  • No dongle!  And it seems to reconnect instantly even after sitting unused for hours
  • I love the simple preference pane with the embedded movie showing how to use the mouse.  Of course, one could argue that if a mouse requires that you watch a movie to know how to use it, it’s too hard to use.
The bad:
  • The profile is just too low.  Maybe I’m still missing the Revo MX, but there’s really no way for me to rest my palm on the Magic Mouse.  Consequently, I have noticed a bit more hand fatigue.
  • The two-finger left-right swipe gestures are hard.  I don’t think human anatomy was meant to do these while grasping something!  I have to release the mouse entirely with my ring and pinky fingers to make these gestures reliably.  I really like the idea, and the effect, but I think they are just too hard.
  • From a nerd perspective, I wish I could map new and different gestures using the preference page.  There’s MagicDriver, so I may give it a try.  That said, I understand (and usually agree with) Apple’s choices to keep things simple.
Overall, so far, I am very happy with the Magic Mouse as a simple 2 button mouse, with super-awesome scrolling.  If I give MagicDriver a try, I’ll report on whether additional gestures turn out to be useful or not.